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8/20/2009 Compiler virus

Just saw this on secrityfocus and thought it was really interesting. Malware targeting developers as a means of propagation.

Most rudimentary malware can be detected very easily due to their aggressive propagation methods, this particular malware replaces a crucial library for the delphi compiler so that any program compiled after the machine is infected, will pass on the virus.

This is mainly interesting because it is not forcing propagation, but simply infecting a legitimate propagation, making detection via propagation method much harder. Obviously still detectable via signature scanning and heuristics, this is still a very interesting method for malware to get out there

8/20/2009 Netbook Browser Comparison
I wanted to see if the "best" browser was the best on my asus eeepc as well. Turns out, it still is!, but the order is a little different. And the difference between firefox, and the gekko engine on lunascape is a lot bigger.

8/19/2009 Windows 7 shortcuts

A complete list of windows 7 keyboard shortcuts. I just noticed that win+left right up and down will move windows around to maximized/ across monitors, etc.

8/19/2009 Browser comparison

Found a new browser that lets you pick your rendering engine. Wanted to test to see if it made a difference... and it DOES! The Gekko engine is actually a bit faster without the overhead/features of Firefox.

I had been using Safari recently (due to this websites results) and did not know chrome had a new beta out... Obviously I am now typing away on a tasty slick new chrome browser.

8/17/2009 Moving in

Link to Facebook photos of first weekend for move-in. Should have taken pics at the end, its looking alot nicer!

Hal is going to be painting this week if she has time, and if not we will be doing it together this weekend. Its a pain not being able to be there and help her with alot of this stuff, but I know had the situation been turned around, Id be painting and unpacking without her while she was away as well.

8/15/2009 Princeton visitor wireless
Even the guest wireless network rocks at Princeton.

8/14/2009 Princeton wireless
This is the speed I'm getting from the free Princeton wireless at our new apt. Not bad Princeton, not bad.

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