Stuff I'm doing

12/23/2009 Operas back
Opera is the fastest again... Im gonna stick with chrome for now (sync'ed bookmarks, nice extensions.... wait... I sound like a firefox user hesitant to move to opera a while ago lol)

11/9/2009 Droid Phone Speedtest
I ran app on the droid and got some surprising results...

10/21/2009 verizon tether
Tested tether speed on verizon network... impressed

9/20/2009 Browser Wars
Chrome is on top, again. :)

9/3/2009 Bootkit SDK released
A bootkit is a rootkit that loads in the mbr before the os. Stoned bootkit is a framework for bootkits. It supports plugins and a number of other features. I should have a fun write up on my attempts to detect this, and remove it from user-land :).

8/27/2009 Princeton registered wireless
So now that I have moved up to Princeton and am registered on their wireless, a bit of a speed boost, going to try Ethernet tomorrow.

8/20/2009 Compiler virus

Just saw this on secrityfocus and thought it was really interesting. Malware targeting developers as a means of propagation.

Most rudimentary malware can be detected very easily due to their aggressive propagation methods, this particular malware replaces a crucial library for the delphi compiler so that any program compiled after the machine is infected, will pass on the virus.

This is mainly interesting because it is not forcing propagation, but simply infecting a legitimate propagation, making detection via propagation method much harder. Obviously still detectable via signature scanning and heuristics, this is still a very interesting method for malware to get out there

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