Stuff I'm doing

7/17/2010 Browser Benchmark
Chrome is still on top.

7/14/2010 Wireless EEG hack
I modified the processing grapher, and library for the neurosky chipset I found here using the xbee and zigbee chips (stole the idea from (currently down))

6/23/2010 Puppy EEG
Very cool, if you notice there are some spikes in the yellow graph (delta) the delta brain waves are associated with sleep, and calmness And wouldn't you know it, while I was sampling Molly, she was half asleep. :) The spikes are due to a lack of decent contact. In the future I will shave a small section of her forehead to get a good connection

6/23/2010 Brainwaves!
I bought a toy from matel, that happens to be a cheap eeg on the inside, and riped it apart. I connected it to an arduino board and grabbed some values from it. I got the idea, and code from here

3/10/2010 UNC/import table attack vector
I've recently come across the webdav redirection function in windows Pe's. It lets you load a dll at a remote location, over the webdav protocal. I've tested this against a number of antivirus's and so far only a few pick this up. Although I've only been testing with the "eicar test virus"... Im going to either manufacturer or obtain a detectable virus, and try again later tonight to see if this is a flaw in current avs heuristics, or just a pointless windows feature.

1/10/2010 Daily Show and Colbert Report tix twitter
Wrote a script to update a twitter account to make it easier to get tickets for the daily show, and colbert report.

12/23/2009 Operas back
Opera is the fastest again... Im gonna stick with chrome for now (sync'ed bookmarks, nice extensions.... wait... I sound like a firefox user hesitant to move to opera a while ago lol)

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