Stuff I'm doing

4/27/2011 EMG
I started strapping my EEG to myself while lifting weights in an attempt at discovering which weight lifting motions work the targeted muscles best.

3/24/2011 BodyBuilding
An old hacker buddy of mine recently inspired me to get back in the weight room, but with a little help from science this time. I had lifted religiously in Highschool but never got very big (was 160lbs and 6'5 at one point). So now, with access to bodybuilding forums, and princeton's access to science journals I've compiled a list of supplements that are both scientifically proven effective, and safe. I Will be bulking untill June/July and then cutting untill November. Ill post back with progress after the cut over.

3/24/2011 Browser Wars
Wow... IE9 beat out firefox and Safari... Opera is also making nice improvements too...

12/28/2010 Puppy Eeg
I forgot to post this, but after the last puppy eeg hack, I went and bought the emotiv Epoc, and modified it for Puppy use. Ill post more as the info comes, but the modified headset and setup is pictured here

12/22/2010 Audio Engineering
Recently got back into music recording, Ive been covering band "styles" to practice

10/7/2010 Sisters Wedding
No updates for a while again, been busy with Sisters wedding, my own wedding plans, and Puppy brain projects. We recently got a Canon t2i 550d, and I've been having way too much fun playing with it (pics above taken with camera) Thats about it. Weddings, Puppy, Eeg, Starcraft2, Left4Dead2, and Camera.

7/17/2010 Browser Benchmark
Chrome is still on top.

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